e-Invoice - Automated Invoice Processing

Standard product for automatic detection, testing, release, monitoring and control of purchase invoices

The ERP Invoice Reader automatically processes unsorted and mixed invoices and credit notes without system modifications or prior training.

smart INVOICE extracts both header and footnote information from the purchase invoice as well as order item data in any format. The relevant document data is checked against the master data and the transaction data stored in your ERP.

Invoices that cannot be automatically approved and checked, for example, because a quantity or price deviation is detected, or there is a regulation stating that authorization is required above a certain price, are assigned to the person responsible. After checking is complete, the booking is made.


SAP - Automated Auditing

smart INVOICE PILOT SAP includes an invoice receipt book and a component for  the automatic gapless control of audit-compliant invoice approval process.

The processing status and the history of each invoice is displayed, and it is immediately clear which stage of the process the invoice is in and which people are involved in the release process.

Scanned invoices and those received as emails are automatically analyzed and data, such as creditors, terms of payment, items, amounts, freight and duty costs, is recognized. Invoice items are compared with orders and incoming goods recorded in SAP and discrepancies in quantity and price are marked. A message is displayed if information required by VAT laws is missing.



SAP Automated Auditing
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Automated Auditing with any ERP System
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