Documents are an integral part of an organisation. The importance to a company is often underestimated. Document management not only simplifies the process, but makes it cheaper. Further, it provides an effective and sustainable means of protecting documents and confidential corporate information, even after it has left the environment of the company.

 A partnership with us creates added value for you. Our partners receive not only our product, but futhermore, the solutions and know-how of more than 25 years of experience, providing the answers to all aspects of document management.

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Partner Bundles

Partner Bundle



Sales partners do not want to implement their own DMS/archiving project but function as an advisor.

Alternatively, they want to get a feel for the market before committing to a higher level of partnership.


Partner Bundle

"Project partner"

Project partners implement DMS/archiving projects independently. They have experience in project management and provide their customers with product support.


Partner Bundle

"Project partner plus"

Project plus partners focus on marketing our DMS/archiving products. They do not offer project management or support.


Partner Bundle


Dalvany partners focus on the distribution and implementation of individual solutions. They have the expertise to implement solutions independently at the customers', and provide support.


Partner Bundle

"Cooperations partner"

Cooperation partners expand their products to incorporate DMS/archiving. The development can be driven by one or both partners. The aim is to provide mutual marketing and strengthen the market postion.


Product and Technology Partnership

Product and technology partners are our suppliers in the product and technology sector that we use for development.

This includes computer centers that we collaborate with.

windream GmbH

windream ECM, Virtual Data System


Intelligent BPM Suite

Insiders Technologies GmbH

e-Invoice, Digital Mailroom

Seclore AG, Enterprise Information Protection

arivis AG

 SOP management, training management for GxP und non GxP areas.

PDF Tools AG

Development tools and solutions for PDF