DSS Secures your information even across enterprise boundaries

Currently, there can be observed extensive free flow of electronic documents between enterprises, employees, partners or clients. As a result it is difficult to ensure that the classified information will not end up in improper hands. American analysts from the Ponemon Institute has concluded in its report that in 85% of American firms have been reported braking the safety of electronic data. Statistics show that in app. 80% the main scenario of loosing data is because they were stolen by firm’s employees, partners or temporary partners.

 Once copied document stores on a local hard drive, becomes the ownership of his holder and the firm does not have an influence on the numbers of copies made and in consequence the number of people having access to the firm’s, sometimes classified, information. In majority of firms a document which has been sent once outside e.g. through computer net, forever stays in hands of a receiver, potentially competitor.    In consequence we deal with situation, that various documents, which left the firm are not in any way secured and we do not have any control who id reading them or where they land.