Automate, but how?

Many routine tasks can be automated. However, technology alone is not a guarantee for successful and cost-effective automation. Talk to our well-trained practitioners. They will be happy to show you how easy it can be to automate and improve suitable processes.


Workflow/Business process management

let your information flow


Information needs to be combined with other information easily and flexibly, regardless of location or device. Business associates must be able to be included in processes just as easily as internal employees. Information is sent to where it is required. Notifications are sent when necessary. Using the technology of windream and Axon.Ivy, which is based on standards, you get flexible, tailor-made process support.



Windream BPM

AXON iVY - Product

windream BPM
An integrated system comprising of process handling and enterprise content management
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AXON.iVY The Process Management Suite
Overview AXON.iVY BPM Suite
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